Apple versus Android – A Case For Android


The argument on which operating system is better, Android or iOS, is almost as old as man himself. This argument is one that has escalated to bloody fights, bragging rights and occasions where the loser of the debate surrenders and promptly makes the switch.

These days, the two players which are in the forefront of this battleground are the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Apple iPhone 6. These two flagship phones are so brilliant that it has made it near impossible for anybody from either camp to back down from the argument.

However, for those who support Android, here are some things you can do with your Android phone which can’t be done with an Apple:


Accustomed to custom? Android is your answer! One of the beauties of Android is the fact that you have the opportunity to customize your phone in any way you like. Unlike Apple and iOS you can do a whole lot more than change your wallpaper. You can get your creative juices running by entirely changing your phones interface. Huawei and Lenovo even goes more in-depth with this by providing the Emotion  and Vibe UI respectively which enables users to customize the design and functions of their smartphone’s home page to suit their personal needs.

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Remote Control:

A good number of Android phones like the HTC One, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and more come with an Infrared blast/smart control feature which provide you with the power to control your television, air conditioners, DVD players and a host of other appliances around the home with your phone. This is a feature which does not come with your Apple iPhone.

android remote

Expand Memory:

Android phones provide you with the chance to expand your phone’s memory with the use of a Micro SD memory card. With your Apple iPhone, you are limited to the internal ROM memory in which you phone comes with, 16gig, 32gig, 64gig or 128gig. This is pitiful considering that a phone like the LG G3 allows you to expand your memory to as much as 2 Terabyte.

Use Widgets:

A widget is a self-contained code that displays a program, a piece of a program, or a shortcut to a larger application. Often ignored by most Android users, those who use widgets heavily cannot overemphasize the importance. With widgets you are allowed quick glimpse into apps without having to open them. With IOS you do not have the chance to sit on this fence, you are either in or out of an application.



Android phones allow you do the unimaginable (especially if you are anApple  iPhone user). You have the chance to open two apps and use them at the same time. This is no gimmick, you can be watching a Youtube video while chatting with your best bud, you can be reading a book while you don’t miss what’s making the rounds on twitter. The possibilities are endless and exciting.

Much More Apps:

The Google Play store of Android has a lot more apps than the Apple store. What does this mean? You have a wider array of photo editing apps, messaging apps, music streaming apps, battery saving apps and gaming apps to choose from. We all love to have more options, don’t we?

android versus apple on jumia blog

The Android versus Apple argument is not one to be entirely won any time soon. In fact the winning argument is that the different operating systems of Android and iOS are actually tailored to fit different personality types. Your personality + priority = the better Operating System! So who wins? Android or Apple?

This article was written by Yemi Kuti