The art of Colour Blocking


The art of colour blocking is a great compromise for those who are typically pattern-shy, and its sharp structure allows for pieces to easily transition from dawn to dusk. From in-your-face color combos to classy linear shapes, it might seem alarming but once you see iteverything makes perfect sense in the world.

Color blocking is a classic trend that has outstood the test of time! It’s also hot enough to sway anyone’s attention anytime, any day. Here are a few tips to consider before undertaking this fashion enigma.

  • Pink has a special place in the color-blocking system. It can be easily replaced by red and used in all the possible color combinations that are usually applied to red.
  • Emerald green and bright red blend perfectly with each other due to the so called “jewel” factor. Both shades exude a real precious shine, as do gold and copper.
  • It’s important to stick to the same saturation of colors: neons go well with neons, while pastels with pastel hues.
  • Try to play within the range of three colors in one outfit to avoid any style blunders. The fourth one will look already too much.
  • Pay attention to your complexion and hair color. For example, cobalt and juicy green hues lose their charm on the background of a pale complexion and blonde hair.
  • Keep in mind that too bright and massive color blocking tends to make your figure look bigger.
  • The easiest and safest way of colorblocking is to wear neutral outfits with some bright accessories, such as a pair of bright shoes in two colors, a colorful handbag or a two-tone bracelet.
  • If you are still afraid of colorblocking, but you want to brighten up your look, you can try ready-to-wear color-blocked pieces, like a dress featuring two or three colors.
  • Don’t shy away from printed pieces while colorblocking, but keep this to the minimum. For example, you can wear a printed scarf with your color-blocked outfits.





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