Jumia Vendor, Online brand retailer and Celebrity merchandiser Jay Osbie made the amazing decision to collaborate with the Choc Boi Nation Superstars to release a slick clothing collection, called “Control The Economy”.

“Control The Economy” is extremely comfortable, super polished with very high standards! The fashion designer is turning heads with his new CBN sweat shirt and Joggers collection, using words about the state of the Nigerian economy and neutral colors.

With the Nigerian economy at it’s worst, Osbie created “Control The Economy” collection as a way of telling the Nigerian people that there is hope in the nearer future.

Are you excited? Because we are! Jumia just launched this collection and best believe it’s breathtaking and fun. Are you urban centric and debonair? This piece is for you.

We currently have all items available for you on our website, all you have to do is order and we would have it delivered to your doorstep in no time.




Hey Guys!!

Quick question! Are you part of the Beard Gang? Do you love a well-trimmed afro? Do you love being creative with your hair, or are you that smooth guy who loves the bald no-hair look?

Whatever your fancy, we can all agree that the absolute worst thing that can happen is to leave home angry about the bumps, rashes and black holes left by terrible and fake shaving clippers!

So we are glad to bring you nothing but the best, as featured on Jumia. The Philips Hair Clipper Series 3000 Home clipper and the Philips Hair Clipper Series 5000 Pro Clippers are undoubtedly the best!

Not only can you say goodbye to the rashes, bumps and cuts, you can enjoy the freedom to shape and re-shape your haircut and beard, or just enjoy a clean shave. With adjustable and special blades for close precision and less skin damage, along with different hair combs for a variety of results, you definitely don’t want to miss out on this product.

Make the right decision and enjoy hair clippers built to last, engineered to power through all hair types, and corded for constant power plus a 2-year warranty. What’s not to want about this piece of machinery?

So fellas, say hello to classic looks and more nods of approval from you-know-who 😉

Get Philips today – Cut your hair, not your skin.


Ramadan Shop: Now Open

The holy month of Ramadan is almost here. As it is the culture at Jumia, we have gone the extra mile to ensure that preparations for the fast are made convenient.

From Sehri (Sari) in the early hours of the morning, to Iftar when you break your fast in the evening, Jumia has got you covered with quality groceries at prices you will love.

This Ramadan, be on the look out for amazing deals to make it a very memorable one for you and your family. Enjoy up to 40% off on groceries, appliances, games and more.

Ramadan is a time to spend with family, a time for stories told during Iftar meals. And at the end of the fast, a time to give gifts to the ones we love. Jumia is here for you with more than a dozen gift ideas for your family, friends, Muslim brothers and sisters.

You can visit our Ramadan shop now to plan for the month-long fast. You can also save ₦1,000 on orders above ₦5,000 by using this voucher code: JUMIFTAR

Ramadan Kareem.



Hey Guys!

Have you gotten your “Take the Day Off” makeup remover along with the free Clinique lipstick? If not, there’s still time to get yours. Available for a limited time only on jumia.com.ng!

If you’d like to window shop some other makeup remover options, Jumia.com.ng has partnered with Clinique to bring you a line up of high quality options! You can say bye-bye to the heinous break outs and red scars caused by harsh wipes and facial treatments.

What you have coming your way are two of Clinique’s gentlest eye makeup removers. Rich, high quality ingredients come together for a luxurious feel that is as easy to spread as your daily moisturizer. An always unique formula that is effective for swift make up changes and touch-ups, and did we mention the free pop lip color and primer that Jumia customers receive with every order?

How to Use: Clinique Naturally Gentle Eye Makeup Remover

-Use day or night, cleansing one eye area at a time
-Apply a drop to a cotton ball. With eye closed, massage gently over lid and lashes. Wipe up, then down, then open the eye and wipe underneath
-Wipe off or rinse off any residue with water

How to Use: Clinique Rinse-Off Eye Makeup Solvent

-Moisten cotton ball with Rinse-Off Eye Makeup Solvent or use a cotton swab for spot work
-Sweep over eye makeup
-Wipe off or rinse with water


It’s the biggest wedding of the century and you have been invited. You can’t wait to bring out the make-up artist in you – arch those brows, perk those lips, and make sure your highlighter lights up the room. You always get it just right!

But what happens after?! After you’re back home, with an ache in your feet from legendary dance-floor moves and killer heels? The only thing between you and your cozy bed is that full face of makeup! Your waterproof mascara saved the day against the intense heat of everyday Nigeria; but now the work of wiping it all off? No thank you.

That’s why we are excited about this brand new offer on Jumia! Take off your mascara and matte lipstick with just one swipe using Clinique’s ‘Take The Day Off’ Make-Up Remover for Lids, Lashes and Lips. Not only do you get a FREE pop lip color and primer with purchase, you also get a product that promptly rids you of black smudges. It’s fragrance free, mild and highly appropriate for contact lens wearers!

What are you waiting for? Click here for this premium, limited-time offer now!