Be the Gamer of 2016


One thing every true gamer knows is that; no enemies/opponents in front of you means you are going the wrong way. If you have not laid your hands on the PS4 I can authoritatively tell you that whatever gaming experience you have had is nothing compared with it.

Here are five why now is the best time to purchase the PS4

  1. Price Cut

With the PlayStation 4 selling like hotcakes, Sony still did us a favour by cutting the price of the console. When it first launched in Singapore, the regular 500GB model was very expensive. Now, after seeing the average price of a 500GB PlayStation go down. Now is the time to make that purchase you have been wanting to and the extra money you save that can go towards an extra controller, an additional video game, or anything else in life, really.

2. Playing Classic Games

Is the current PS4 library not doing it for you? Or do you just feel like reliving the golden age of video games from the PS2 era? Well you’re in luck, because Sony recently announced backwards compatibility for PS2 games on the PS4.

It’s not ideal though, since they come at a price: you can’t just pop a PS2 disc into your current-gen console and expect it to work. But the games will come with upgrades, such as 1080p up-rendered graphics and trophy support. Now you can play classics like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Twisted Metal: Black and PaRappa The Rapper 2 on the PS4.

3. Sweet Exclusives

The PlayStation 4 has seen some great exclusive hits on its platform, such as Bloodborne and Until Dawn. Next year’s lineup only promises to be even more impressive, with Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, Horizon Zero Dawn, and The Last Guardian. Not forgetting console-exclusives like No Man’s Sky and Street Fighter V, which are probably more comfortable to play on the PS4 than a PC anyway.

4. More players equals more fun

The PlayStation 4 has the biggest install base out compared to any other console currently on the market. The console world is all about online play these days, and you’ll want to be able to play with your friends or at least with local players. Your best chances to do so is with the PlayStation 4 thanks to its popularity both locally and internationally.

5. Best Console Graphics

There’s no question at this point that the PS4 consistently runs multiplatform games at either a higher resolution, framerate, or both than the Xbox One. It isn’t always the case, but its true often enough to leave little doubt as to which console the graphics-minded living room gamer should go for.