Five signs your boo has a boo


When you started dating your boo, everything just seemed so right. She just got you, laughed at your jokes and you couldn’t get enough of each other. But word on the street is your boo has been spotted around town with another guy… your first instinct is to think “ME? As a ‘sure guy”. Then you begin to revisit (in your mind)..the numerous occasions where you were the guy with all the swag or you thought you were. After you decide to bask in your own glory, you start to trace back and you ask yourself, “Could it be that this girl really just played me?!?”  *Angry Voice*.  Now it’s time to sit and figure out if you saw the signs,

We are going to put to you 5 signs that probably showed you “even your boo get a boo”.

Phone becomes very personal: She always takes her phone EVERYWHERE. When she shows you a picture she holds the phone so you don’t scroll right or left. She never answers any of his calls in front of you, and magically disappears when her phone rings late at night. If she leaves her phone she becomes frantic because it’s no longer in her possession and any one of her potential instaboos can send her a DM at any time. Apparently it does go down in the DM.

You hardly netflix and chill: Now life does have a way of getting in the way of an active sex life and changes in how often you have sex can fluctuate. But for the most part, you know you’re usually having sex a few times a week or whatever the frequency is when life is humming along normally. So when there seems to be no other obvious factors playing a role and it seems like she’s less interested and trying to avoid having sex? Sorry, but it might very well be a sign she’s stepping out on you.

Distant Stranger: She becomes out of touch in terms of communication. Those late nights you both spent talking about any and everything, turn into short dead conversations. Even if you make the effort she hits you with the one liners… ‘Oh’ or ‘k’…….

She’s picking fights with you: Have you been wondering where your usually easygoing, laidback girlfriend went because she’s been replaced by someone who’s always picking fights over really minor things and nothing you do is right? Her new boo may be causing her to see your “faults” and in her eyes they’re all magnified since everything is rosy with the new guy.

She keeps to herself: She could be busy with juggling work schedules, making it to the gym and seeing her girlfirends- but if she’s not telling you about her day, there is a chance she is telling someone else