The Benefits of Having the Opposite Sex as a best friend


Is it really possible to have a best friend of the opposite sex with no strings attached? Maybe as students?

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who think guys and girls can just be friends, and those who don’t.

Just friends….no strings attached, no intention of crossing the line by catching feelings or having sex! While I choose to remain on the fence, we can all agree that there is unending struggle of always having to keep your guard up and defend the platonic nature of the friendship.

That being said, there is an edge to having a BFF from a different gender.

Here are a few:

Available Hand Bag or Emergency dates
It is easier to cope with loneliness of being single when you have a male bestie. He comes in handy as your plus one for weddings or other events. You not only have someone to take selfies with (you may need to get the perfect phone), you also have someone for petty gossip with at boring work events, dance with at the reunions or just someone to hold your purse when you go the bathroom. Even more, they are a good way to defend yourself and boost your confidence should you run into an ex. A good bff always plays along.

Perfect Wing Mates
Having a bestie of the opposite sex not only reduces the competition when you are out, but they can assist with picking up chicks or giving the dude the much-needed signal. “Hi, my friend over there finds you attractive, what do you think? Would you like to come join us?” It is easier for a potential bae to warm up to a guy when there is a female middle man. Also, a guy finds it flattering when they are being lobbied for a female friend. It feels less awkward coming over to the table or exchanging numbers.

Your cheat to understanding the opposite sex
Just because they are members of the opposite sex, they can actually give you authentic insight as to how people of the opposite sex thinks…and this usually is of great advantage to your love life. As an additional perk, they can help you evaluate your love life from a different perspective. You don’t have to merely read self-help books when you have  a bestie. Again, they are constantly on guard to protect you emotional interests as they see things your infatuated eyes fail to see.

The relationship is less complicated
Life is a lot better when lived drama-free. Same-sex friendships usually come with a lot of drama as there is a subtle and underlying competition between the two of you, whether you want it or not. You see, feel things the same way and tend to be vying for the same spot in life. In the case of friendship with the opposite sex, things are completely different. There is hardly any drama as things are straightforward and simple. When any drama arises, it is easy for the other sex to help them disentangle and get some guidance about how to handle situations with little judgment or fuss.

They are straight with you
Basically, they are in the best position to help you stay grounded emotionally. So many times I have called my female besties to moan over something emotional and they shut it down, also vice versa. They handle it so much better than my friends of same sex. Somehow they are more in tune to your emotional tendencies and know how best to get you out of the funk without necessarily killing your spirit, especially when it concerns relations with other people.

You can truly be yourself 
Even if you are in a relationship and you are close to your bae, you worry that constantly reaching out to them would make you too available or portray you as being clingy. You are still cautious about certain things. However, with an opposite sex bff, you can talk about anything at any time without necessarily having to censor the timing. You can also talk about deep secrets without feeling judged.

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