Best Deals for Meals – Top Four Destinations


One cannot think, operate or sleep well if one has not dined well! Some of you might not know this but you can gain access to some of the tastiest meals around on Jumia! Lucky for you, that is why we are here! If you are searching for some pampering, great ambiance and a steaming hot meal, then you have come to the right spot! Here are our top four destinations for you to get the best deals for meals in town:

best deals for meals at jumia blog

La Mango: La Mango’s menu offers a commendable selection of dishes which range from local to international dishes. The Nigerian menu is littered with local delicacies which are sure to make you proud of your roots after just one mouth full. Exceptionally proud of their meals, only an appetizer would make you see the reason why. Why not try out the La Mango 3 course mouth watering deal on Jumia!

Flaky’s Kitchen: Flaky’s Kitchen is superbly located in Ikoyi Lagos but location is not the only thing it has going for it. The food is right up there in the list too. You can enjoy the best of local and continental dishes all at reasonable prices. Depending on your mood you could also enjoy a quick drink and such is the nature of the environment, you could find your plan of having just one meal extending to two and even an extra plate to go.

Smokey Bones: Delicious, Distinct, Diverse. These three words can best be used to describe Smokey Bones  and the food on offer. You don’t just eat food here, you devour it. From appetizers to the main course meal, if your budget permits, you definitely will consider eating through the entire menu.

Soul Lounge: Not wanting to be outdone by the spectacle of the lounge, the food at Soul Lounge is also top of the range. Ever come across food so exquisite and well served that it encourages you to observe every table manner in the book? Soul Lounge would put you in that seat. Don’t get too hard on yourself when you find yourself deliberating for hours on end on what to have from the Soul Lounge menu! To make it easy for you, we have selected one of the best!

best deals for meals at jumia blog

There is no love sincerer than the love for food! Give your taste buds the best treat ever by taking advantage of the hottest meals on Jumia!

This article was written by Yemi Kuti