BF YOUR BF and win a Jumia lunch Giveaway #BFyourBF


If there is one things Best Friends are  good at, it is eating your food. Jumia Black Friday is at its climax! To grace this occassion and all the excitement that comes along with it, we are giving away free lunches today & tomorrow in the BFyourBF Lunch Giveaway!

Easy! Simply visit on to our Facebook or Twitter page to BlackFriday your Best Friend (BF)! In 20 words or less; tell us why your best friend (spouse, boyfriend, bae-for-life, mom, sister, bestie of life) is just the best using the hashtag #BFyourBF. We’ll select the top entries and each will receive a surprise Black Friday lunch – from you to them – for free!

Hurry now! Send your bestie a free lunch this Black Friday! #BFyourBF


2 thoughts on “BF YOUR BF and win a Jumia lunch Giveaway #BFyourBF”

  1. Stanley is a cool guy who does not pretend to impress me in any way. His simplicity makes him my bestie.

  2. My bae Mirabel, is very nice to me,her character and her behavior, have makes her to be my bestie #BFyourBF

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