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It is very hard to fault a genius. In fact anyone who manages to point out faults in the intellectual opinions of a genius can perhaps lay claim to being the world most unapologetic hypocrite. However when one takes Steve Jobs now famous ‘no one is going to buy a big phone’ quote into retrospect I believe we all get a pass to criticize it.

In a world today where manufacturers are obsessed about making the smaller, slimmer versions of almost everything (computers, cameras, music players, game consoles), phones seem to have gone the different route. Most people now consider a large phone screen size as one of their top preferences when seeking to buy a new phone.

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From the surface it is hard to imagine why anyone would want to buy a phone with a large screen. They are difficult to navigate through with one hand, their batteries tend to die out faster, they just will not fit into your pocket inconspicuously and they look awkward when placed by the ear to make and receive calls with.

So what then has made phone companies go beyond common logic and compete among themselves as to who can produce the biggest screen phone. The [rad-hl]LG G Flex[/rad-hl]  for example comes with a 6 inch screen, the [rad-hl]Samsung Galaxy Note 4[/rad-hl] comes with a 5.7 inch screen while the [rad-hl]iPhone 6 Plus[/rad-hl] follows closely behind with a 5.5 inch screen. The [rad-hl]Blackberry Z30[/rad-hl] (5.0 inches), [rad-hl]Nokia XL[/rad-hl] (5.0 inches) , [rad-hl]Tecno Phantom Z[/rad-hl] (5.2 inches) and [rad-hl]Infinix Zero[/rad-hl] (5.0 inches)  are not very far behind and are more or less a sign of things to come.

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So what does a large screen phone offer you that a regular sized phone won’t? Asides the obvious fact of a bigger display here is what else you can expect:

  • You get to see more content on websites while you browse the internet
  • Movies and Pictures look a whole lot better when viewed on a large screen
  • Games are so much more enriched that you might just abandon your game console

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  • If you have big hands you will find that typing is much more convenient and you tend to make less mistakes
  • On Android phones like the [rad-hl]Samsung Galaxy Note 4[/rad-hl], you are given the opportunity to split the screen into two complete halves. This means you can be watching a video on Youtube while keeping an eye on your Facebook newsfeed at the same time.
  • Surprisingly, phones with large screens have better battery life to accommodate the amount of backlight it powers. The [rad-hl]HTC One M8[/rad-hl] for example has one of the best battery life known to smartphones.
  • Phones of bigger sizes generally have bigger and better sound and make it easier for one to share the screen with friends, family or business associates.

iPhone 6 plus on Jumia

Hoping these few points will help turn the biggest sceptic into a believer. Do not hesitate, get a [rad-hl]big screen phone[/rad-hl] from Jumia today and enjoy all the advantages that it brings.

This article was written by Yemi Kuti

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