Bisola’s Success Story #JumiaIs4


I remember when I was interviewed for the job at Jumia. I came in because a friend called and said an “online store” was looking for people. I remember that a part of my interview was writing an article on the spot about my first impressions of the office and the people I could see in it. I wrote with words like “energetic” and “focused.”

Four years on and I look back on that interview with fondness. We started off in a small office with about 50 people and we have grown to an organization employing over a 1000 people. We celebrated like crazy, (Yes, really!) when we had 500 orders in a week in the early days.  Last year, Black Friday 2015 we had over a 100,000 orders in one day. I don’t think I knew in 2012 how far the company would come.

For me personally, Jumia has taken me on a journey in my career. I started off as a content writer but grew to become head of the entire content team. Today, I am team lead in vendor management. It is great to be in a company that will give employees the chance to follow their passions and interests and grow whilst doing so. It has been a privilege growing with the company and I am thankful for the opportunity I was given.

Jumia came to change the face of retail in Nigeria. It is a testament to us how so many competitors have sprung up, trying to replicate what we do.  We have changed the way people shop. On this milestone of four years, I believe the best is yet to come.

Happy 4th anniversary Jumia!