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Amidst the Jumia busy work schedules, racing against deadlines and trying to make sure our readers get the best, the Jumia Blog team was reminiscing about their blog posts during a lunch break, reactions from our readers and decided to steal a peek to figure out some interesting facts about our readers. You definitely want to find out what we know about you.

It’s interesting to know that our esteemed blog visitors are made up of 45.85% males and 54.15% females.  They are mostly within the age of 18-34years and makeup for 61% of our total readers. While those between the ages of 35-54years, are 28% the senior citizens makeup the rest of our audience. Also fascinating is the fact that, our readership also spreads its tentacles past Africa, as we also have audiences from USA, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Netherlands, UK and many more.

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Surprisingly, our readers are most interested in sports, followed by electronics, tech gadgets and fashion. You won’t believe it, our peak days for readership are Mondays and Tuesdays, could it be that workers are surfing the juicy contents of the Jumia blog during working hours? Hmmmm… *lips sealed* what can we say? It seems we are interesting like that….*runs away*

If you are a student of psychology and you want to get exciting insights into customer behavioral patterns, giveaway days are sure to leave your ribs cracked and brighten your day no matter how bad it is.  Earlier this year during the fuel crisis, a reader said ‘can Jumia deliver fuel to my house?’ We had our fair share of laughter.

Jumia Lounge

My ‘fellow Nigerians’ and their love for anything free cannot be undermined. We understand the phrase, ‘the best things in life are free’ better than the intellect that coined it. That is why Jumia never ceases to give our customers amazing deals, discounts and shipping at regular interval.

Jumia Lounge provides you with holistic and interesting contents that are relaxing, interesting and sure to add to what you already know and what you would like to know.

6 thoughts on “Blog Behaviour of Jumia Lounge Readers”

  1. Nice And A Great Behavioral Blog. I wish Jumia Could Understand that here in Owerri, Imo State; We have lots of competition on most goods And Services; . ……..

    But bet me, Lots of great logistics could be applyed in a very new market field like owerri where most places have no electricity.

    Jumia could make sales here if your goods are of high quality standard ; with a good price and a heavy trusted delivery if goods are paid online.

    Bear it in mind that alots of promotions are needed to enter such market like Owerri.

    Good comunication matters a lot and believe me you guyz need a wharehouse outlet to avoid late delivery of goods when purchases are made.

    See You guyz @ Links Hotel Owerri 5th September 2015 and Maybe; Who do I ask about ” Damola ”


    1. Hi Kelechi. Thank you for your comment. We appreciate your feedback. We currently have physical hubs in 18 locations across Nigeria and we have a nationwide delivery service which includes Owerri. Please, feel free to place your order and we will definitely deliver to your doorstep anywhere in Owerri.

  2. Hmmmm…. This is interesting. Surprised that the blog has more readers on Monday and Tuesday instead of weekends. Nice writeup.

    1. Hi Bukola. Thank you for the comment. Feel free to visit the blog for more interesting posts.

    1. Hi Theresa. Thank you for the comment. I am glad you enjoyed it. Feel free to visit the blog for more interesting posts.

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