Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and depending on your relationships status – single, married, taken, or it’s complicated – the day can loom with high expectations, dread or just plain indifference. Watch this video brought to you Jumia Family Market and read below for tips on how you can spice up that special someone (and yourself) into the mood of love!

Skip the traffic – Valentine’s Day is often known for its traffic jams and last-minute gift shopping. Stay clear of the hustle and bustle by planning a special night at home. For you, for two, or even better the whole crew!

Skip the anxiety – Want to make an impression on your crush but not sure what to get? Or do you know what they want but haven’t had time to go shopping? Shop online to see gift ideas and directly search for what you want. Get it delivered to you superfast with free premium services like Jumia First.

Skip the day –If your motto is I-don’t-need-one-day-to-show-love, then definitely don’t confine yourself! Set your own convenient date to celebrate and love on each other. Choose a whole a weekend or even better splurge on an extended getaway far away, just make sure you carve out time to give yourselves that extra TLC!

Skip the hype –Low on cash? High on love? Not to worry. Jumia Family Market’s got you covered with step by step directions for a delicious Surp-rice that’ll keep your loved loved-up! It’s the Valentine Special Fried Rice with Pan Fried White fish brought to you by Chef Khudu. Click here to watch the step-by-step video.

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