Can’t Live Without You – 4 Must Have Gadgets


The Nigerian expression ‘Love no be by mouth’ which conveniently conveys the message that love cannot be proven by just words alone is as genius as it is true. February 14th, a day set aside for the celebration of love, draws ever closer and there is no better date (asides maybe an anniversary) to prove ones love than the date which is upon us. Getting the right gift for a female seems to be as easy as taking candy from a kid as things like perfumes, chocolates, clothes and shoes always seem to strike the right note. However, trying to get the perfect present for a guy is where it all gets tricky.

Getting the usual cufflinks, ties or office shirts will in no doubt make you look as predictable as night coming after day so this year you might want to switch things up. With no disrespect to dogs, but if diamonds were a woman’s best friend then gadgets most definitely are the unrivalled man’s best friend. There is something about technology and electronics that totally captivates the male mind and as such a gift in this category will definitely hit the spot. The video below absolutely confirms this.

The iconic number in this year’s Valentine ’s Day is 4 and as such here are 4 gadgets which are the perfect Vals gifts and which, as any guy will confirm to you, are to die 4:

Play Station 4 – Do not underestimate the power of play station

playstation 4

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – Do you Note?

Samsung galaxy note 4


iPad 4 -Resolutionary

must have gadgets

40 inch Television – A whole new meaning to Reality TV



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This article was written by Yemi Kuti