Celebrating Your Dad – Father’s Day Gift Ideas


“Jumia Father’s day”

Fathers are everyone’s true hero. There is no childhood memory or story complete without a father figure and this is that time of the year you get to say Thank You to them for being there for you. Through the days of falling of your bicycle and the road trips to school, this is one of your many chances to give back to them to show how much you cherish every one of your childhood moment.

So our answer to you is gifts, Just because we have everything your daddy deserves for father’s day. Here are gift suggestions for your special Man/Dad from Jumia’s Father’s day gift store.

Fashionable Accessories for Him

men belts on Jumia

watches for men

Upgrade His Wardrobe collection with the Finest Polo Shirts

polo shirts for men

Is He into His Gadgets? Spoil him with the latest Gadgets from cameras


To Laptops

laptops on Jumia

To Smartphones

smartphones on Jumia

And Finally Hand-held Tablets for the classy dad

tablets on Jumia

With the world cup around the corner, Allow Daddy to chill in his comfort with a new display for the football season.Father's Day on Jumia

For the classy Daddies that treasure their liquor collections or the cigar collections here is something for him

drinks and wine on Jumia

Give your dad the best of everything this Father’s day while shopping all his gifts from Jumia Father’s day store.

This article was written by Olamide Amosu