CES 2020: All the Latest Tech and Announcements


CES 2020 is here, technophiles. And for those of us who don’t know what that is, the Consumer Electronics Show is a trade show held annually in Las Vegas, Nevada. Organized at the start of each year by the Consumer Technology Association, it serves as a week-long exhibition for consumer electronics companies like Samsung, Sony and LG to showcase their latest tech, and thereby shape the technology landscape for the year to come.

The PS5 logo reveal at CES 2020

This year’s show actually began on Sunday, with a number of press conferences and media previews being doled out since then, even though the show floor was only just opened to the general public today. We’ve had keynotes from chip manufacturers AMD and Intel, as well as LG and Sony, the latter of which has even teased its next-generation game console, the Sony PlayStation 5, with a new logo reveal, even though we might have to wait for sometime closer to E3 2020 before we get to see what the actual PS5 looks like.

The Samsung range of cutting-edge TVs

Samsung already made a number of reveals ahead of its own keynote event. This includes the impending availability of new refreshes for its current flagship mobile phones, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite and Galaxy S10 Lite. It also revealed the Samsung Sero TV, a rotating TV that allows content to be viewed in both landscape and portrait modes, making it ideal for the consumption of vertical videos like those found on TikTok and Instagram.

LG Rollable OLED TVs

LG continues its push towards 8K with a new range of 8K televisions with OLED displays. It also brought back its Signature Series OLED TV R, a rollable TV that was featured in last year’s show, but is finally expected to become available later this year. There is still no word on price though, but the TV now has the ability to be mounted on the ceiling, and unfurl towards the ground to reveal its display, along with a slew of other improvements.

CES 2020

CES 2020 ends on Friday the 10th of January, by which time I’ll be providing a full recap of those tech announcements that made the most waves during the show. But before then, what tech devices and innovations are you most excited to see coming out of CES 2020? Let us know in the comments section below.