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Join Jumia Nigeria to Click Against Cancer!

Did you know that even though breast cancer incidences are three times higher in Western countries than in some African countries, the death rate in the two regions are almost identical. This points to poorer survival rates in Africa caused by late-stage diagnosis and poor access to screenings and cancer awareness.

Nigerian cancer awareness advocacy group, Project Pink Blue has been working hard to turn back this trend – especially among women in poorer populations and in hard-to-reach communities. Jumia recently joined Project Pink Blue in this fight against late diagnosis and low cancer awareness as one of the sponsors of the annual Walk, Race & Cycle Against Cancer.

Now we’re asking our online community to join in and support the vision. How? For every time a customer downloads the Jumia app, Jumia Nigeria will download N200 to Project Pink Blue to help provide free screenings and cancer awareness education to women in rural areas across the nation!

Download the Jumia app here and Click against Cancer now!

*Source: International Agency for Research on Cancer.

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  1. Please the awareness is needed everywhere in Nigeria, this month is breast cancer awareness month and so far I have not seen or come across anyplace where free screening is done, so how will people know their status, especially with the harsh economic condition now, how many can afford to go to the hospital for screening.I live in Abuja, pls I want to know if this project pink blue has a free screening centre in Abuja?

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