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Fellas, here is a lesson from birds. There is a reason why male birds have and, at every opportunity they get, flaunt their brilliantly colored feathers. It is primarily to steal the show and capture the attention of the female birds. This act of showing off is not one that is a lost cause as studies have shown that female birds always actually have a preference for brighter colored males. This is a lesson that could and should be put into good use. Come to think of it, always wearing the safe black shirt on blue jeans might be the reason why smooth talking Johnny Bravo never picks up chicks.

Unless in situations where work does not permit or the occasion does not allow, there is little reason why guys should not experiment in wearing an array of colorful clothing to their outings. The tradition of always wearing either black, white or grey is one that is currently going the way of the dinosaur. A combination of colorful pieces, when gotten right, reveals a high level of aesthetic poise in the wearer that winds up being very pleasing to the eye of an on looker. The good news is that with the recent rise of the color blocking trend, every previous color combination rule in the book has been thrown out of the window and this has opened up more room for experimentation. However to be honest, this has to be done with a good measure of caution so that one does not end up leaving home looking like the birthday clown.

Below are a couple of dress code suggestions and style guides that can be used as an inspiration for color blocking trends. These are a few examples that you could take instant advantage of from the Jumia website and which could be used as a benchmark to allow your imaginations run wild with.



Shirt -[rad-hl]David Wej Long Sleeve Bold Multistriped Shirt – Blue[/rad-hl]

Trousers – [rad-hl]Yves Enzo 5-Pocket Chino Pants – Turquoise[/rad-hl]

Shoes – [rad-hl]Yimaida Bicolour Boat Shoes Navy Blue Brown[/rad-hl]


Shirt – [rad-hl]David Wej Long Sleeve Bold Stripe Formal Shirt White Green[/rad-hl]

Trousers – [rad-hl]Yves Enzo 5 Pocket Chino Pants Green[/rad-hl]

Shoes – [rad-hl]Hudson Safi Multi[/rad-hl]


Shirt – [rad-hl]Emmy Collins Long Sleeve African Print Shirt White/Orange[/rad-hl]

Trousers – [rad-hl]Blackout Jeans 5 Pocket Jeans Brown[/rad-hl]

Shoes – [rad-hl]Kenneth Cole Smooth Landing Orange[/rad-hl]

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This article was written by Yemi Kuti