How To Cool Your Overheated Laptop


First, let me tell you. I am a hardcore gamer. So I understand the struggle of overheated Laptops. I spend hours cooling off on the weekend playing “Call of Duty: Ghosts” on my laptop. While I cool off, my laptop burns up.

One time, I was cut off mid-action when my laptop went off by itself. Only when I tried to restart by inspecting it, did I realize my Laptop had serious fever. But trust yours truly, I found a way, actually, ways to get my laptop back to its chilling state.

And ever since, I’ve been balling hard on my gaming mode.

Now, I understand many hardcore PC users like me experience the same struggle, and since I am a cheerful sharer of good tidings. I bring you the goods:

Usb Notebook Cooler
This laptop cooler has a fan that provides a cool airflow directed onto the PC base, this keeps the notebooks internal fan noise to a minimum and allows for a more peaceful environment.

Overheated laptopki

USB Laptop Cooling Pad with 4 Fans
With the USB Laptop Cooling Pad, your laptop can breathe easily as it extends the life and functionality of your laptop.

Overheated laptop

Portable Foldable Laptop Table with Cooling Pad
Collapsible and portable. It has a variety of application. It can be used both as a cooler for your laptop and also as a laptop reading table at home, office, school…you name it.


Cooling Pad with USB-Powered 2-Speed Fan
Portable, light and usb-powered, so you don’t have to worry about looking for a place to plug it. Perfect to take anywhere with your laptop.

Overheated laptop

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