Attracted to a woman at your workplace?| Impress without talking


The allure of working with a woman you think is very attractive can be a little too much.  You start to think about her all the time and you want to become more than just another co worker,  a guy she works with.  You want to be able to strike up a dating relationship with her.  At the same time  though,  you don’t want to make things get weird on the job,  do you?

There probably are a hundred other men at your workplace, and likewise there are a hundred women there too.

Now it’s about crossing the enemy lines and following the rules of engagement but still playing it safe. Let’s hook you up with three proven and tested moves that would definitely give you an edge

Fuel Your Inner Nerd……just cos’ she is always a damsel in distress and you’ve got to be the knight in shining armour

Take advantage of what you know and excel in. “Listen for cues regarding areas where she can use a little nerdy help. Is she complaining that her laptop is always crashing? Or, maybe she has a jam-packed commute? Your biggest asset, your brain, especially when it makes a life easier. For you to act the part, you must dress the part.


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Engage in Verbal and Non-Verbal Banters…. Just cos’ they love bants

Banter is a fantastic way to build strong attraction quickly. When you banter, it sends the message that you are a person who likes to have fun and do not take things too seriously. All banter must be delivered with a big smile that shows you are clearly joking even if you mean it.

Cocktail dinner….. just cos’ you want to blame it on the alcohol

You can always suggest a friday night cocktail as a way to unwind and relax after a hectic week. Just as the night gets cool and drinks gets blue, that is the perfect time to slip in some questions and make some daring ‘moves’. It is a good time to find out eaxctly what she thinks about you. Be careful, so you don’t receive a resounding slap. Let’s hook you up with some accessories for the cocktail  to set the mood right.


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