DIY – How to make a decorative pin board.


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The weekend is fast approaching. What do you have planned? Did I hear you say nothing? No parties, wedding or hangouts? Well, you are not alone. The good part is, it does not have to be boring. DIYs have been proven to relief boredom; at the same time help you make creative pieces that are useful in your home.

Here is an amazing “Do It Yourself” idea which helps you to create a decorative pin board. It is attractive and helps you to leave important notes and reminders.

Step 1 – Items required  for the pin board are – a hot glue gun, super glue or any other strong glue you have, a round or square shaped cork board, colorful fabric, and a pen.

Decorative pin boardStep 2 – Use your pen to trace around the cork board leaving about an inch or two all the way round.

Pin boardStep 3 – Plug the hot glue gun in and allow it to warm up for a while. If you are making use of super glue or any other kind of glue, you don’t have to heat it.Then cut the fabric. Spread a strip of glue along the edge of the cork board then pull the fabric up and press it to the glue.

Decorative pin boardStep 4 – Keep pressing it to the glue, all the way round. This is what it would start looking like

pin board 4And this is the completed cork board

pin board 7Step 5 – Turn it around and hang well on the wall using strips or nails and you are good to go.

pin board 5

Decorative pin board

There you have it; a fun, educative and useful way to relieve your boredom. Happy decorating and note leaving!

Photo credit – Pinterest

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