Do you ‘lol’? You are stale!


A recent study by Facebook revealed that nobody uses ‘LOL’ anymore and the world is divided between ‘haha’ and using emojis.

  • The study found ‘haha’ overcame ‘lol’, including emoji – to convey laughter online
  • 15% of all posts include an ‘e-laugh’
  • 52% of people use a single type of laugh while 20% use two

Inspired by an article in The New Yorker called ‘Hahaha vs Hehehe’, the social networking giant decided to look into ‘e-laughing’ and how patterns have changed

Lol pie chart

Demographic factors such as gender, age and location also seemed to have an effect.

Men tended to use more ‘haha’ and ‘hehe’, while women tended to use an emoji.

Teenagers used emojis the most while people in their late 20s were the most likely to use lol.

In Nigeria, we always seem to indigenize every slang. For example, lmao evolved to lwkmd. Wondering what ‘haha’ and ‘hehe’ will be in the coming weeks.

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