What Does Your Dream Gadget List Look Like?


Everyone has a list.

You know, a list of devices and accessories you want asap! You could call it a wishlist of some sort. Some may appear farfetched but they don’t have to be.

If we could get a sneak peek into your dream gadget list, what would it look like? We’re thinking a computer with Intel’s latest CORE series. Or say the trending VR kits. You can picture life with these gadgets; easier, convenient and super productive. Add sleek designs to the list too. Plus you totally don’t mind the attention that it attracts. Your dreams may just come true way sooner than you think.

Today in the Jumia Super Birthday Sales, it’s all about computing. So you can find everything from laptops to printers. (P.S. Some gadgets will be on the flash sale page today, be sure to follow them closely as they go to fastest fingers only). Right alongside you’d find desktops, hard drives and a lot of other hardware accessories.

No kidding, you have to take advantage of Jumia Aniversary-only prices. You have until evening to lock down your dream gadgets. Log on to the Anniversary page to start shopping.



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