FAQs about Jumia partnership with MTN for free internet in Nigeria


The best things in life are free! Hugs, smiles, family, friends, laughter and now Jumia Zero Rate Data! You read right! If you are an MTN subscriber, you can now browse the Jumia website via the Jumia mobile app for absolutely free!

Bearing this in mind, Jumia’s Zero Data App will offer full access to online shopping through its app for free, meaning it will not charge the users of the MTN mobile network for the data they consume while using the Jumia app.

The initiative aims at further reducing data costs which are the greatest barrier so far to extending internet mobile access in Nigeria. Indeed in Lagos alone, one gigabyte of data on mobile networks—the only means of accessing the internet for most—is no less than N1,000.

We are right on-hand to answer questions you might have about the Jumia Zero Data App:

Q:What can I do to enjoy the free data?

A: “You must have an MTN SIM or line. Download the Jumia App on your phone using your MTN line and you can start enjoying your free data.


Send JUMAPP to 131 as SMS from your MTN line and we will send the install link to your phone.”

Q: Can I enjoy free data on all Apps on my phone?

A: You enjoy free data only when browsing or shopping on JUMIA App on your phone using your MTN line

Q: Does the free data work every day?

A: Yes, you can shop on Jumia App everyday at no data cost, 24/7. Please note there is a daily cap of 10MB

Q: How long is this promotion?

A: Promotion runs from August 2015 to January 2016

Q: Do I have to dial a code to activate the free data?

A: Just shop on Jumia App with your MTN SIM or line! No need to dial any code.

Q: Can I continue enjoying free data shopping on Jumia after January 2016?

A: Yes, you can continue enjoying free daily data to shop on Jumia App but you MUST have an existing and active MTN data plan. e.g. iPulse, TruTalk, BetaTalk, etc

Q: Can I download the Jumia App for with the free data?

A: Yes!

Download the Jumia App on your Android, Blackberry, iOS and Windows phones today!