TGIF- Thank God Its Friday


Friday is definitely the kickoff to that long awaited weekend and every minute of it must be savored because it comes and goes like wind. The TGIF lineup could be considered to some, as the cure to the Friday night blues; and to others, it is a Friday night must!

Here are some gadgets that would make your TGIF an epic one


Head or ear phones: In case you do not have a ride or a friend’s ride to give you a lift, ear/head phones are the ideal gadgets to set you in the write mood for a memorable weekend

PS4 or XBOX One: Talk about working hard and playing hard. These game consoles will give you the freedom to dribble like Lionel Messi, shoot like Cristiano Ronaldo, dunk like Shaquille o’neal or even live out exciting adventures all at your own comfort. Perfect to relax your brain after a hectic week.


Swimming: Water is one of the best ways to relax your tense nerves after a very stressful week. Slip into your swimming gear and calm your nerves back to life.

Home Theatre: Do you love listening to good music all the time? Do you want to throw a party in your home or have a little get-together on a friday night. Home theatres must be your friend.


Irrespective of how you choose to embrace your TGIF, Jumia is always on-hand to make your crooked plans straight