FIFA 18 vs PES 18: Which is better?


If you are a gamer, then you can totally understand this dilemma. Over the years, Pro evolution soccer and FIFA have always had a go at each other. Some gamers prefer one to the other while others like both and find it hard to say which they truly love. The good thing about FIFA 18 and PES 18 is that they are both better than their predecessors (FIFA 17 and PES 17). We will be reviewing why FIFA 18 and PES 18 are both top quality soccer games, choosing which is better in different aspect but the decision will still be yours because it’s all about choice.

There are some qualities we will be reviewing which will also help you determine which of the soccer game you should buy.


This basically involves how FIFA and PES have improved in terms of pitches, shooting, dribbles, and other football skills. The fluidity about FIFA is one of the best things in the player movement but PES stepped up their coding skills by matching the fluidity of FIFA on PES 18. You can now notice improved dribbling mechanism in PES also with the players having more control, difference in physicality beginning to stand out more. FIFA 18 has always had fluid movement in gameplay, physically doesn’t really show much in FIFA games compare to PES games in which the stronger player shields the ball more when moving. With this, FIFA 18 has also implemented physicality in the shielding of the ball too.

pes 18 vs fifa 18


Winner: Tie


This is one of the major reasons gamers play both FIFA and PES, EA, using the frostbite engine to develop FIFA 18 graphics and also securing a license from almost every club around the world has helped them move past PES in graphics. Konami still uses the FOX engine to produce PES 18 and truthfully, they are still nowhere near FIFA when it comes to how real the game feels. The pre-match and post-match interviews on FIFA 18 is just super amazing and real, along with the stadium scenery and other short clips from the game. The player faces looking more real in FIFA 18 compared to PES 18.

david de gea



Winner: FIFA 18


This has to do with what FIFA 18 and PES 18 offer in the game mode menus. PES 18 has always backed on their Master League and Become a Legend game mode, but these two game modes show a lot of flaunt and the transfer still looks unrealistic compared to FIFA’s transfer market and game mode. PES still offers us the game menus setting with basically nothing new. Also, the My Club feature in PES is still in the shadow of FIFA Ultimate team in terms of gameplay and reality of the game. PES still offers the same feature as its predecessor but with FIFA 18 ultimate team game mode, you see new features like real-time transfer and negotiations with players and coaches talking about whether to move to a new club or not. Just as it’s done in reality, FIFA brings it to you. Also, my journey returns with new and exciting features about Alex Hunter. Let’s face it, FIFA has better game mode story than PES.

fifa18 alex hunter

Winner: FIFA 18


FIFA 18 is better than PES 18. It is that simple, but if you are skeptical, you can buy both games and play them. Then, you can decide which is the better one but still, it boils down to choice. PES has fans, FIFA has fans; both are great games you will definitely love.