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I know everyone of us use the word ‘Fit Fam’ which is the more recent slang for staying fit. My mum always says it is important to keep fit even for young people. It is easy to get carried away with junk food, alcohol and many more, forgetting your health and other things especially when you have a long break. They call it letting your body go but this happens to all of us and trust me no one is left out. Anyway it is still a new year and some people might just have included  [rad-hl]keeping fit[/rad-hl] or loosing weight as one of their new year resolution.

Nonetheless, a lot of us still fall within the category of “Not staying fit”. For the 9-5 people there is really not much time after work to hit the gym except there is one in your office and the weekend is packed with plans so we give excuses about going to the Gym. Another new option which the Islanders have taken up is running on the Lekki/Ikoyi bridge but it doesn’t work for everyone for the same reasons, timing and access to the location. So here I will be telling you all about how you can keep fit this year . With the right equipments in your house, you won’t have any excuses not to join the Fit Fam club.

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1. [rad-hl]Living Forever Diet pills[/rad-hl] is an all natural powerful dietary supplements to help those watching their weight or trying to loose weight.

2. [rad-hl]Weslo Cadene 16 Treadmill[/rad-hl] will help structure your daily workout to achieve your fitness goal.

3. [rad-hl]All in One Gym Station[/rad-hl] versatile equipment well suited for the home working on your arm, abs and general fitness all with one equipment.

4. [rad-hl]Kettler Rivo M Cross Trainer[/rad-hl] burn all the unwanted fat/calories in minutes of using the cross trainer everyday to keep up your fitness

5. [rad-hl]Apple + Nike Sport Kit[/rad-hl] is your perfect running partner helping to calculate time, pace and calorie consumption while running. It also integrates with your favorite playlist to make your running better for you

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This Article is written by Olamide Amosu