Five reasons you should experience the Knightmare of Batman vs Superman


In case you haven’t heard, the best possible way to capture the excitement of the Batman vs Superman is on a LED TV. The fear of an unchecked Superman drives the Batman to war with Metropolis most revered, while the world tries to decide the sort of  Super Hero it needs. A greater threat arises that needs the intelligence of Batman, the strength of Superman and wit of the Wonder woman which is the climax of the movie solely because each of them played their role to perfection.

Frankly, I am not sure any movie in 2016 will leave up to the hype on movie. Here a few reasons why the movie is currently the most sort after and why you should savor every moment on an LED TV in your comfort zone.

Henry Cavill: You don’t necessarily have to be a “Superman” fan to actually to watch the actor on screen as the superhero. He recently revealed that he worked out for his role in “Dawn of Justice,” so, picture a bulky Cavill rocking that skin-tight superhero outfit, and that is enough reason.

Ben Affleck as Batman: Who wants to miss seeing Affleck take over from Christian Bale as the super dark and brooding superhero? Affleck did a great job taking on the role for the first time, and it was double dose of fun watching him be Bruce Wayne and Batman.

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman: There has always been something captivating about this character from the trailer days.

The “Fast and the Furious” actress does an outstanding job as Wonder Woman. From her debut, Gadot steals all the attention with her beauty and mysteriousness.  And oh, you also get to see her suit up in the Wonder Woman costume, plus she sure does know how to take and give a punch.


Doomsday: Wonder Woman isn’t the only cameo appearance fans have to deal with. Another is the Kryptonian monster, Doomsday, who has been described as “incredibly powerful, merciless, and seemingly unstoppable,” and does he live up to expectations? Yes, in more than one way.

The fight between him, Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, is enough reason to see the movie.

A fight between Batman and Superman: This has to be the part almost everyone has been anticipating. Villain Lex Luthor described the fight as ‘God versus Man,’ and that is just enough to watch the much anticipated DC Comic movie. Who wouldn’t want to watch Superman defeat Batman and vice versa.

Whether you have watched it or you are about to watch it, no thrill beats the captivation of watching this blockbuster movie in the comfort of your living with a premium LED Tv.