Brace yourselves! Black Friday is coming!


When the clouds are dark and dawn billows with a promise of mouth-watering deals, It is Jumia Black Friday!

Maybe you’ve heard, or maybe you have not just heard enough!

Black Friday is the new black that is turning our heads around. And we cant just wait!! Black Friday is that time of year where you get to pay little or nothing to get products and deals of a lifetime!

Yes…You heard me right? It is a deal that can happen at only one place at the same time. Jumia, your number one retailer of course.

Here are five things to do before Black Friday:

Budget: It is definitely not a joke! Your account can practically run dry while checking out deals on the Jumia website. If you don’t want to order so many goods and leave nothing to celebrate Christmas with, or pay for the remaining carted goods; please budget. We are begging.

Subscribe: Subscribe to Jumia Black Friday Newsletter to be informed of deals as they come! You know we love you and don’t want you to miss out. This is your way to be well educated on the deals and products available. Do well to check the page some days before just to be sure that what you want is there.

Be Alert: If don’t want to miss out, you have to keep your ears to the ground. You know what that means Right? Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, even in your dreams. Keep following us, keep engaging us and ask questions. Just don’t miss out! Or you will be sorry. So sorry. Tears smiley.

Be Calm: I know the rush. It’s the same. This time, you just have to calm and keep our website bookmarked in your browser. Dont start rushing on November 13th by midnight. Get the App today! And just keep checking out more products before the day.

Above all, use Teamwork. Now you will be thinking how that is even feasible because you are trying to get all the deals for yourself and not for someone else. But you cant thrive on Black Friday alone by yourself! What if your computer has network problem? Or it hangs. Help some to help you. Get a group of Friends and share list of to-buys amongst one another. Let them help you buy your item if they get to it first! C’mon don’t be stingy!

Do the same for them too..haba! No be One Nigeria we dey?

Just keep following us, more tips are to come. Hey, it is Black Friday and what happens on Black Friday is something that just cannot stay on Black Friday. Share the word! Winter is coming! Black Friday is here!

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