Flash sales for kids |50% off Kids Tablet


“What do you want for Christmas?” It’s the question all kids look forward to all year long, atleast the ones that can make request. Children practically live for the Christmas fun and whether your child is a Ben 10, Avengers, gadget lover or PS4 fan. Jumia has got it all!

There is a flash sale currently ongoing at a whopping 50% off kids tablet today! What better way to bring delight to your child while also prepping his cognitive process.


With Hours left to shop for Christmas you don’t want the kids to miss out on their Surprise. Christmas is really big for kids because they always look forward to this time of the year not just because of the costumes but at this time of the year their wishes will be granted by Santa and if like Me, you sat by the window every Christmas Eve waiting for Santa to come with my gifts.

Growing up most of us just wanted random toys and Christmas cloths but these days the kids are on their A-Game. As parents/Uncles/Aunties you have to be on your A -Game as well by surprising them with cool and techy gifts this Christmas. E.g I just bought my little nephew a 7 inch kiddies tablet because he loves to play with everyone’s gadget. To say he waz overjoyed would not describe his feeling, he practically wakes up and sleeps with it. He would also our gadgets to rest.

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