Four Reasons Why You Should Play More Video Games


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You know that cliche: ‘all work and no play…?’ Turns out it was so spot on about Jack. Contrary to myths, playing actually helps you more than you know. For one, spending quality time on your game console might actually be making you healthier, smarter than everyone else.

Awesome stuff right? Time to let you in on a cool secret that will help you live a funner, smarter life and definitely get your mom off your back for good ( just show her this article anytime she complains).

1. They’ll Improve Your Reading Ability
If you’re someone who’s always disliked reading, video games might actually help you become more interested in books. This doesn’t mean you should spend all day gaming. Studies shows gaming to be helpful to those with short attention span, and trains you to focus better.

Video Games

2. They improve eyesight
Staring at the screen for long hours doesn’t apply here. First-person shooter video games are an easy fix for poor vision, thanks to their unexpected bursts of action, varied perspectives, and careful details. When your eyes have to adapt quickly, the muscles become stronger to accommodate these new needs.

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3. They help to reduce stress
Having a bad day at work and you are looking for the most non-violent way of expressing your anger and frustration? Turn on your most violent game in your collection and immerse yourself in it. It saves you from screaming at your friends or roommates. Thank us later.

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4. They will make you a better person
Playing a video game could provide relief from your bad mood better than taking out your feelings on a friend. Video games can help you re-train your brain functions and eliminate negative thinking. Playing a fantasy game helps teenagers beat their depression also because it totally puts you in a different world.devoid of worries and all…before electricity goes off or your mum yanks the game off from the power, then you snap back to reality.

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