It is yet another festive Easter season, one of the biggest holidays of the year and Jumia wants to help you catch all the excitement to the fullest. Easter is all about spending time with your family and loved ones, sharing memorable moments and exchanging gifts.

This year, Jumia is offering you everything you need for the festivities in one store for the most memorable Easter moments that you and your family deserve;

Gaming Marathon: Gaming marathons are a fun way to bond and enjoy quality time with your friends. It might seem overwhelming, but after the 1st hour, you’ll forget time is even passing!  Whether you are a Play station lover or the Xbox is your favourite, be sure to have a memorable Easter with either of them. If you do not have  a variety of CDs dash online and get your CDs at the best deals.

fun ideas this easter

Netflix & Chill with an LED Tv & Home Theatre: Its a long weekend approaching and there is no better time to catch up with all the exciting movies you have missed, the thrills and drills the football world has to offer or netflix & chill. To get best images or sound quality, you can upgrade to an LED TV along with an home theatres from your favourite brands of you do not have one already.

things to do this Easter

Hang out: It is certain that majority of Nigerians already have their vacation plans outlined for Easter. Whether you are going to the beach, the mall or going on a tour be sure to take a camera along to capture all the exciting moments and a fleeting sceneries.

places to visit this Easter

Karaoke Sessions: You can organize a lot karaoke session for friends and family with the help of little musical instruments like keyboard or guitar.

karaoke this easter