2014 Most Anticipated Mobile phones


‘[rad-hl]2014 most anticipated Mobile Phones[/rad-hl]’

For the tech innovation world there is no break or time to stop with new innovations. Even though we are new in 2014, these guys are already predicting the crazy innovations to come this year. If you thought 2013 was crazy & full of innovation, you should wait and see what top brands have in stock for users across the globe this 2014.

Asides from talking about celebrities, the next hottest thing is gadgets and I for one am excited about this years releases.

With little information released last year, here are some of the gadgets you should look out for this year.

  • Samsung Galaxy S5

[rad-hl]Samsung Galaxy[/rad-hl]S5 may be released in April according to the latest information. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is one of the most anticipated phones from Samsung this 2014. It is said to have a larger screen than the Samsung S4, improved design, new feature around ID (taking on Apple’s finger print). It is rumored to have an eye scanning feature. There is a lot more to expect from the next generation Galaxy Phablet.

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  • iPhone 6

If like many of us you are crazy about Apple and its products, you must have been following up on the rumors about iPhone 6 being released this year. The [rad-hl]Apple iPhone[/rad-hl] 6 is said to be very different compared to the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s released last year. It is said to be carrying the yet to be released new IOS 8, HD resolution screen, faster processor, different casing, also a very magnificent sharp camera with unbelievable megapixel. A lot has not yet been confirmed but the iPhone 6 is the phone to look out for this year. It will also come at a higher cost but it will be worth it.

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  • HTC Two

Just last year [rad-hl]HTC[/rad-hl] launched their one of a kind sleek android device (HTC one) that made it a big hit on 2013’s hottest gadgets. Without doubt the rumors about the HTC two to be released sometime this year is going to be different with a better camera, operating system along with faster processors and a tweak to the look. We we will need to find out soon as the rumors are confirmed but the HTC two is one to really look out for this year.

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We also expect a lot of competition from mobile phone brands such as Tecno who is slowly stealing the Nigerian market with their affordable smart devices.

Originally Published: Huffingtonpost
This Article was written by Olamide Amosu