First, can we agree that Nigerian Jollof Rice is nobody’s mate?

If there’s one thing we take “P” in this part of the world, it is the supremacy of our Jollof rice. Although, there is a cold Jollof rice war across West Africa for supremacy, Nigeria still remains the undisputed champion and only source for the best Jollof rice. We will not relinquish our title because no matter how many complaints we have as a people, we’ll always have Jollof Rice (and dodo) to look forward to.

Now, there are three types of people in the Jollof Rice camp: the ones who drool over heaping bowls of jollof rice on Instagram, the ones who attend every owambe because of party jollof, and the ones who know how to whip up a mean pot of hot, steaming Jollof rice whenever and however they like it.

If you’re in group 3 or aspiring to be a part of those instagram chef show-offs, Jumia Family Market’s monthly sales is just around the corner to bring you the best ingredients to create your own home-made pot of goodness.

This month’s Jumia Family Market sales campaign goes live on Friday September 1, 2017. Save the date! Remember it lasts for just 24 hours!

About Jumia Family Market

Jumia Family Market takes place every first Friday of the month and promises mouth-watering prices on your monthly grocery shopping with next day delivery. Save the date!