Certainly everyone is in anticipation of the release of the new James bond movie SKY FALL. Well, we at Jumia are also waiting. We believe, without any doubt that it’s going to be as fantastic and thrilling as the previous ones.Let us  go down memory lane briefly and analyse the transition of the James bond characters.

Let’s begin with the Good looking ,sophisticated , suave and ,fanstastic Sean Connery. All through the James Bond film series, he was looking sharp in his well-tailored suits, even in the face of danger he always remained well dressed.

To the Suave ,sophisticated and good looking playboy that is  Pierce Brosnan. He always looked sharp and had the ladies at his finger tips.

And finally to the Brawny, and tough looking Daniel Craig

Wondering what all these men have in common apart from playing the “James Bond” role? These men are always stylish. With their well tailored suits and their crispy clean shirts,when it comes to Men’s fashion, these men should be every fashionable man’s Role model.

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