Finally the wait was over, the i-pad2 i ordered was due to arrive today. After receiving it from the delivery man, i couldn’t help but let my mind wander on how far technology has come. Its amazing to think that a few years back, there were barely any portable audio devices, computers were heavy machines that had to be placed on a desk, even tv’s were of low quality.Do you remember your first game console and its graphics? Unbelievable to see how far technology has developed isn’t it.

From mp3 players that could only carry 20 songs, to Ipods carrying up to 16GB, 64GB and even a remarkable 160GB worth of songs. Remember your black and white tv you had to keep hitting to steady the picture? How does that compare to the Plasma, LCD and LED range of tv’s today.The graphics on the x-box and PlayStation almost makes the user feel like he or she is controlling actual human beings. Compared to what consoles years back provided us, where characters in video games looked like wooden characters.

One of the most outstanding technological advancements is in the area of mobile phones. Who remembers their first mobile phone? 090. Do you remember that phone that made you look cool to your friends simply because it had color or polyphonic ringtones? Today brands such as Apple, Blackberry, LG and Samsung have revolutionized mobile communication today. Some of the  features available on mobile phones today would never have been thought possible by any of us years ago.

The rapid and steady pace technology keeps developing at makes us wonder, what next? Keep up with technology and order your gadgets today at Anyway, the trip down memory lane is over, got to go get dinner.