The Complete Gift Ideas for Christmas 2018


It’s not hard to tell that it’s that time of the year again.

The celebrations all around, the love in the air all show that Christmas is in the air again.

Christmas is arguably one of the most exciting seasons all over the world. It’s also popularly called a season of giving where you can get amazing gifts for the people who matter to you both to celebrate the season and to appreciate them for the whole year.

As such, gifts are a crucial part of Christmas. Choosing the right Christmas gift for your parents, spouse, siblings, children, friends etc could be quite a task.

You want to be able to pick the right kind of gift for whoever it is.

Therefore, we have created this comprehensive post just for you so that whoever it is, whatever their tastes are, and whatever your budget is, you can get them the best Christmas gifts that they would absolutely love.


Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Women


Want to get something fanciful and useful for your wife, sister, lover, female boss, friend or any other person who is female? Worry not. Here are a number of gift ideas that you can never go wrong with:


  1. Women’s Fragrances

Perfumes, oils, body sprays are a catch for a lot of women. Ladies want to smell really nice as it makes them feel both attractive and confident. Also, a lot spend tons weekly or monthly getting a fragrance that not only smells nice but also stands them out. So, to win the heart of that special lady, you could buy a body fragrance for her. Shop on Jumia for the best brands like Chris Adams, Elizabeth Arden, Versace and a lot more.

women fragrances

  1. Accessories: Women absolutely love accessories so buying accessories that she especially needs will be a very good idea. Buy women’s fashion accessories like bags, purses, and wallets, scarfs, jewelry, sunglasses might seem common but trust us when we say that they are certainly not overrated.


  1. Cosmetics: Make sure she looks beautiful, attractive and elegant to every event she has to attend this December and after. There is a host of make-up products that you can select from when getting her cosmetics. Nice ideas for cosmetics to buy for her include powder, foundation, concealer, face primer, and eyeshadow palettes.



Christmas Gift Ideas for Men


When it comes to gifts for men, a lot of people (ladies, especially) complain about how tough it is. Most times, it feels easier for you to get gifts for ladies or kids than for men. However, this list will give you fantastic ideas of gifts for that special man.


  1. Video games: There is a very high chance that he loves to play video games and a gift of his favorite video game would make his entire year. Getting his best video game will also communicate that you do care about what his interests are. For starters, PlayStation and Xbox 360 games are some of the most popular platforms for video games. If he is a huge fan of football, you can get games like the FIFA 2018 or the PES 2018. Adventure games like Red Dead Redemption II and Grand Theft Auto V are also new and will surely be appreciated as well.


xbox one games


  1. Electronic Gadgets: Is he a lover of gadgets? Then why not get that gadget that he has been talking about for a while now? It could be an item that helps him to work better or that keeps his company during his leisure time. Electronic gadgets ideas for you include a new phone or tablet, a pair of speakers or headsets (if he loves music), a digital camera (if he is a photography enthusiast) and more that you can find on Jumia.


  1. Shoes: It has been popularly said that shoes are the most important part of a man’s dressing. This Christmas, a pair of shoes that fit and that also stand out could be the best kind of gift that you could get for a man. Consider what his preferences are and get a pair of shoes his size on our platform. Like every other kind of fashion accessories, men’s shoes come in different types. You could go for a pair of sneakers, brogues, loafers, boots or even casual footwear like sandals and fancy slippers.

men boot chelsea


Top Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids


The idea of buying gifts for kids during Christmas cannot be overstated, especially as most kids look forward to this time of the year. Whether they’re your own kids, or family friends, or cousins, or nephews or nieces or even neighbors, you should consider buying gifts that will linger on their beautiful hearts for a long time. Here are some creative ideas for kids that you can get for kids:


  1. Toys: Find a large variety of toys and games for kids of different ages on your biggest online mall. To find the best gifts, choose according to gender as there are lots of girls’ games and boys’ games. You can also carefully choose creative toys and games that would help develop them mentally whenever they play them or play with them.

kids toys

  1. Clothes: While you might think that getting clothes for adults is overrated, you must know that getting clothes for kids will always be a welcomed idea. The dream of every kid to own “Christmas clothes” is very much there at Childhood so present that clothing item to them and watch their faces beam with happiness, pride and gratitude. You can shop boys’ clothes like shirts, trousers, t-shirts and shorts and girls’ clothes like blouses, skirts, dresses and gowns.


Gift Ideas for Families


In most parts of the world where Christmas is celebrated, visiting other families to felicitate with them is a common practice. When visiting a family, it could also be considered rude and improper to go along with a gift for your hosts. Getting the most appropriate gift for your host family shouldn’t be a tough one. A few excellent ideas are:


  1. Gift Hampers/Baskets: A gift hamper is an excellent idea because you can explore your creativity and preferences by picking different kinds of items that could be in it. This would help you erase the worry or pressure of buying one single item that the family might not need. Your gift hamper could consist of day-to-day items like food provisions, fruits, body creams and lotions, perfumes and more. The most important thing is to know that you can choose just about anything and be sure that the family you’re giving it to will love it.


  1. Home Appliances: Getting a home appliance could really be the highlight of their year, especially if it is an appliance that they do not have and yet have use of. If you are bothered about buying something that they might already have, you could go for one that is less popular but which would be useful as well. Perfect suggestions that are also affordable include the Masterchef Pressure Pot, Haier Thermocool Semi-automatic washing machine, sandwich maker, blender and more.


  1. Home Decor Materials: If you are ever out of ideas of things to give a family for Christmas, always remember that a family will always love an item that makes the house more beautiful. Therefore, getting home decor materials would be an amazing idea. Wall clocks, wall arts, wall stickers, wallpapers and wall paintings, living room carpets are creative ideas for you.


Gift Ideas for Babies


Babies should certainly not be left out of this beautiful season. The good thing is that getting a nice baby gift is quite easy and affordable as well. Here are some gift ideas for babies that you can take a cue from when you’re shopping:


  1. Diapers: Every parent can tell how relieving it is when someone else temporarily takes up the responsibility of providing diapers for the baby for a while. This might not look like a lot but best believe that it is one of the best things that you could get for that baby you find adorable.


  1. Baby Wears: Wears cannot be enough for babies, no matter how much they already have. So, knowing this, you could set out to shop that cool baby wear. You can shop for different kinds of clothes for babies depending on their gender and you can also get them accessories ranging from stockings, baby bibs, and more.


kids wears


There you have it. The top christmas gift ideas for anyone. Ready to start shopping? Take advantage of our huge Christmas deals and discounts now!