Have you gotten your super-saver basket?


Looking for a super-hero? Everyone usually expects super heroes to come in the form of a knight in shinning armour or having a cape commplimenting the costume. In a world of unending expenses and pressing needs, Jumia has come to the rescue with the super-saver basket at juicy discounts.

The super-saver basket is an epitome of variety and frankly you do not one to miss out of the assortment of this groceries. Here are a few reasons why you must get it now.

Time & Conveneince: Why waste so much time at brick & mortar stores when you can shop at the comfort of your home or office and have it delivered to you? Save your the stress of having to shop in one place and get your groceirs on Jumia

Mouth-watering discounts: To be candid, if you shop , you save more beacause the super-saver basket comes at best price available across the country. Admist the economic situation, it would be difficult to get blockuster deals on an such an arrray of items.

Free Delivery: The best things in life are for free and Jumia will be delivering the Super-saver basket anywhere in Lagos for free.

Essientials: The Super-saver basket contains all the essentials  groceries from your favourite brand to kick your day off to a great start

Gift Item: It is an excellent give item that befits almost any occasion.

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