Headphones vs Earphones: Tips to help you select yours


What do you look for in headphones and earphones? Although there are many models to choose from, your planned use should help greatly to narrow your choices. I am pretty sure all music lovers have probably come to this crossroads at some point when they try to decide which is the better pick, headphones vs earphones?

Lay your indecision to rest as I will be giving you some tips that would help you choose.

Frequency: Earphones in general tend to have a worse frequency response while the headphones tend to have better frequency response.

Noise  Isolation: A properly fitted pair of in-ear earphones will give you the best noise isolation. It makes sense; if you’re wearing them properly they should actually form a complete seal with your ear canal. For the Headphones, even really good over-ear headphones won’t form a complete seal around your ear. Well, maybe if you’re completely bald. But you’re going to get some noise leakage

Headphones vs Earphones

Comfort: if earphone is a shape that fits your ear. If it’s not, though, it can quickly start to become irritating and eventually downright painful.  A nicely fitted pair of over-ear headphones that covers your whole ear is just incredibly comfortable.

Caveat Emptor: The quality of the sound you get out of your ear phone or head phone depends largely on the quality of the file you’re playing. The best headphones in the world can’t do anything about sound-waves or a background hum in the recording.

Feel free to add to more tips.

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