How to Add or Manage Your Shipping Address on Jumia


Placing an order and getting it delivered to your doorstep is one of the best conveniences that come with shopping on Jumia. As a new customer, an address where your order is to be delivered is one of the most important pieces of information required of you. This is to avoid any chance of having your delivery taken somewhere other than where you are. But if you ever have a reason to change your location and fear that your order might get into the wrong hands, Fear no more as you can have multiple addresses linked to your account as long as you remember to select the right one you want to have your order delivered to. You can simply do that by following these steps.

1. Go to Jumia, and click on your name (you must be logged in first)

2. Click on ACCOUNT in the displayed menu

3. Click on the ADDRESS BOOK link under My Jumia Account to add a new address. You can also edit or change your address by clicking the edit icon in front of the Address Book box in the Account Overview.

4. Click on ADD NEW ADDRESS button to start adding a new address to your account

5. Carefully fill in the right information in the fields. Give additional information that can help our delivery agents locate your address. Very important to select the right region and city in the drop down.

6. Set the address as default if it is the most used and click save.

7. Finally, look out for the green bar at the top showing you that your address was saved successfully.

Note that updating your shipping address will not change the address on order(s) already shipped.

That’s all it takes, So forget the worries and add a new address if you have to.