Breakups suck. They are uncomfortable, painful, and affect us immensely even if we’re the party walking away. Ending a connection is never an easy experience. Without a doubt the most difficult part is coping after the breakup.

How do we deal with our immediate feelings of insecurity, jealousy, loneliness, self-loathing and stop ourselves from spiraling into depression? How do we ensure that we come out stronger?

Here are 5 ways Jumia can assist you bounce back bigger and better.

Phones & Tablets: You definitely need a distraction from the memories of your past relationship and nothing is better than taking your mind off your ex than an internet connected premium phone to explore the various apps IOS and Android have to offer.


Shop On Jumia: with over 150,000 products waiting to be selected. Jumia’s Zero Data App will offer unllimited access to online shopping through its app for free, to all users of the MTN mobile network. Perfect way to take your mind off a bad experience.

Exercise: Health is wealth and a lot of anger bottled up could have an adverse effect on you. Why don’t you channel the anger into burning calories and sweat it all out.

Teddy Bears: The joy and warmth that teddy bears bring cannot be matched with anything else.

Video Games: Playing video games is a popular way for a lot of men to take their minds of stressful activities or emotional luggage.


Hurry now, Download the Jumia app to help you bounce back bigger and better.