How to Get the Best Deals on Jumia


It’s another Friday and as promised, I am here again. But it’s not like any Friday. Our Jumia Anniversary celebration kicks off today! Whoo! DJ, play some owambe music!

🎵 Eyin temi baawo ni ooo? Se wa? Le le le… 🎵

Last week, I gave all the deets about what to expect from our Jumia Anniversary event, if you missed it, it’s not too late to catch up here. This week, I will be giving you great tips on how to get the best deals from our anniversary sales and other major events on Jumia. So, ready for the ride? Fasten your seat belts! 

Let’s Dive In! 

Heartbreak comes in different forms and for me, it sometimes comes in the form of buying something at a price and realizing I could have bought it at a lower price. I have experienced really hurtful things like a sour breakfast from one guy like that, but I can assure you that pain is nothing compared to what I feel when it dawns on me that I did not spend wisely.

While I cannot control how Lagos men can serve me breakfast, I can at least control how I spend my money, making sure I get the best quality at the lowest prices.

I know many of you can relate to this feeling and I understand you wouldn’t want to experience such avoidable cases again that is why I thought to share with you 3 great tips that have helped me get the best prices on top quality products on Jumia.

1. Turn On Push Notifications and Subscribe to Our Newsletters:

Let me tell you a little secret 🤫

“Customers who receive our push notifications and newsletters enjoy our top deals and flash sales better than customers who don’t.”

I must admit, I disliked receiving push notifications nor did I care to check my promotional emails. But there is always a turning point and for me, it was when my friend bought a jacket at a price 10% lesser than I did even though we bought it on the same day from Jumia. I asked, “How come?” and she told me she got a notification about a “rush hour” deal that lasted for an hour. In no time, I quickly activated my push notifications and the rest they say, is history.

When you opt-in for push notifications and subscribe to our promotional newsletters, you get exclusive and relevant updates on deals, sales, and events “as e dey hot”. Find a guide on how to subscribe to push notifications here and be among the first to know about our best offers and deals.

2. Shop Items with Special Tags: 

Imagine buying a product that gives you a great discount, a warranty and also doesn’t require you to pay for delivery. Now, imagine buying 10 products like that. Do you realize how much you can save?

That can be your shopping reality when you use the “special tags” on Jumia. They are found on product images and they give extra clues about offers on the product. The “free delivery” tag indicates that you can enjoy free delivery on the item. The “anniversary deal” tag indicates the item is sold at a discounted price during the ongoing Jumia Anniversary. There are a lot more like the “flash sales” tag, “Free returns”, “Official Stores” tag, etc.

Find items with these tags to enjoy a quality shopping experience at affordable prices on Jumia.

3. Filter Pages By Price, Product Ratings, and Seller Score

Have you seen the prices of things lately?! 😲

In this very expensive economy, many of us still need to get that perfect gadget, that trendy fashion piece, or that much-needed household essential. Kai! Adulthood is truly a scam 😩

No doubt that our budgets get slimmer as the prices of things go higher, irrespective, you can always find quality items on Jumia at prices within your budget. One trick that works always is filtering by price, high product ratings, and high seller score. This approach will easily help you navigate the plethora of products on Jumia and ensure that you find highly rated quality products at prices that suit you best or even lower than you expect.

Now that you know all these, you can go ahead and fill those carts for less. For new readers, I am Amina and I remain your main girl for exclusive updates, promotions, and events on Jumia.

Till next Friday, stay jiggy, shop happy!