It’s Time to Upgrade Your Experience. The 2024 Jumia Tech Week is Coming!


Hey guys, is asking “How are you” still a valid question in these times? I won’t let it stop me though. So tell me, “How are you doing?” Or rather, let me rephrase it to ‘’how are you holding up?”

The year started with so much optimism, and then we entered February, and the awww geng wanted to choke everyone. From the back-to-back weddings on social media to the trends table going up and down like the needle on a compass that’s struck gold. The leap year is leaping obviously. And don’t even get me started on how the economy has changed so much from the last time we got our phones. Yeah! You and I … we feel am. Thank goodness March is here and it looks like we’re going to get a little bit of a breather. 

It’s that time of the year again. Yes! It’s time to upgrade that phone and to change your earbuds – you know one ear is not working again; time to get a bigger screen TV; time to get that PS5 or laptop

The Jumia Tech Week this year is LIVE from March 18 – 31.

Tech Week is an excellent opportunity to upgrade your gadgets and tech essentials while maximizing savings. By following these tips, you can navigate the event effectively and make the most of every deal and discount available.

  1. Look for Deals: Tech Week brings forth a plethora of discounts and offers on a wide assortment of products. Keep your eyes peeled for the best deals on gadgets, electronics, and accessories like the Infinix Smart 8 from N105,474, the Haier Thermocool 1.5HP GenPAL Inverter Air Conditioner with 3 Years Warranty From N388,303, the Sun King Home 40 Plus Solar Home Light System from 32,000 and so much more.

  2. Shop Official Stores – 100% Authenticity Guaranteed: Ensure peace of mind by shopping from official stores during Tech Week. Authenticity is key, and the Jumia Official Store brands guarantee genuine products and reliable warranties. To make it even sweeter, look out for the daily Brand Day discounts. There will be special brand days for phone brands like Tecno, Infinix, Samsung, Itel, and Xiaomi. Even mobile accessory brand like Oraimo is not left out. There will be special discounts on electronic brands like Nexus, Binatone, Haier Thermocool, Sunking, and so many more as well.

  3. Don’t Miss Out on Special Discounts: Tech Week often features exclusive discounts and limited-time offers like Treasure Hunts, Flash Sales, and the 5K Store. Don’t let these opportunities slip away – be proactive and capitalize on the savings.

  4. Use Pick-up Stations and Save on Delivery Fees: Optimize your shopping experience by utilizing pick-up stations. Not only do they offer convenience, but they also help you save on delivery fees, making your Tech Week purchases even more cost-effective.

Not to worry, I will give you a reminder when it’s time and share the amazing deals you should look out for. In the meantime, ramp up your savings and get ready to get the most out of the coming Tech Week.