How to Track your Order on Jumia Nigeria


From the moment you place an order, one thought begins to hover around your head: when will my order get delivered? The enthusiasm that comes with your expectation is next to none. Time seems to pause and a minute feels like an hour, then you understand that waiting is not so easy a virtue, especially when you do not even know how far your order has gotten.

Well, if you wish to save yourself from unnecessary worries while waiting for your order, then we have good news for you, you don’t have to wait in the dark anymore. You could actually track the progress of your order using our order tracking tool.

I bet you are wondering how to do this. The steps are as follows:


1) Go to, and click on your name (you must be logged in first)

how to track order on jumia



2) Click on Orders in the displayed menu



3) Locate the particular order you want to track and click See Details

go to your order on jumia



4) Click on Track this Item

track order on jumia nigeria




5) A map showing the status of your order will be displayed as shown below




6) Click on Click to view details beneath the displayed order number 



7) A timeline showing the current location of your order will be displayed as shown below

how to track order on jumia



It is that simple!

Start tracking your orders today and wait with ease. You could track your order by clicking here!