Summer Fashion-I See Colors


Will Smith the famous rapper once dedicated an entire song to appreciating the season called Summer and this is because of the numerous benefits the season of sunshine brings. One of the best things about this awesome weather is that it affords us the opportunity to enjoy beach trips and other Fun events.
Summer is all about colors and with it comes different new experience and memories. On a regular day in Nigeria, our weather fluctuates i.e. if it’s not raining, it’s sunny. This time though, the weather in Nigeria is rather hotter than normal. And this should be taken into consideration as you plan your various vacations. Yes vacations, I shall be embarking on one such soon. I can’t wait!

Summer is going to be fun and you don’t want to be left out of it. The season allows you to be yourself and get in touch with your exploring side. To keep your summer as colorful as you possibly can, I have put together the hottest summer fashion trends for this year, Obviously you will need to explore, go places and as is key this summer, Fashion is KEY!!

Even if it is the little trip to Elegushi or to Ilashe Private beach or whether you are travelling with your friends and loved ones, You should get ready to unleash your fashion buds this summer. Summer looks are not your everyday look, they are slightly casual, more comfortable, colourful and simple.


Ladies Summer Most Haves

1. [rad-hl]Navy Blue- Sleeveless Floral Print Playsuit[/rad-hl]

2. [rad-hl]Orange- New York & Company Oval Scoop Neck Top[/rad-hl]

3. [rad-hl]Khaki- Original Penguin Sunset Stroller Hat[/rad-hl]

4. [rad-hl]Multi-colour: Closet Open Back Stripe Dress[/rad-hl]

5. [rad-hl]Anni Wayfarer Sunglasses[/rad-hl]

6. [rad-hl]Khaki- Forever 21 Cream/Green Pleated Skirt[/rad-hl]

7. [rad-hl]Pink- Be Exclusive Sling Bag[/rad-hl]

8. [rad-hl]Red- Soda Woven sole Wedge sandals[/rad-hl]

9. [rad-hl]Red- Flossy Plimpsoll[/rad-hl]

10. [rad-hl]Candy Red- Mac impassioned Lipstick[/rad-hl]

11. [rad-hl]Khaki- Zara Floral Pleated Shorts[/rad-hl]


This Article Was Written By [rad-hl]Olamide Amosu[/rad-hl]