Infinix Zero 3 launches on Jumia today | 20.7MP Camera & 3GB RAM


Have you ever wondered if a device could have the tenacity to withstand heavy usage, speed of light and a camera that defines the clearity of crystals? The Hero3logy is upon us.  The Infiniz Zero 3 is a hybrid, a mutant among other phones. At the mention of the name Infinix, there is pandemonium in the camp of its competitors, while a sudden adrenaline rush surrounds mobile users .

Today, Tuesday, 15th of December 2015, the tension will be extinguished, but the flame of anticipation will keep burning as Infinix will be launching its Zero 3 #Hero3logy, a hybrid from the Infinix Zero series.

The phones features mind-blowing 20.7MP camera! The camera would literarily capture an atom. It comes with an electric 3gb RAM to provided your phone with speed beyond your control to give you the easiest of access to your apps and the most seamless gaming experience.

It feels like just yesterday that the game changing Infinix Zero was introduced by Infinix into the Nigerian market. It feels like just yesterday that the ingenious Infinix Zero 2 created a frenzy in the Nigerian mobile market.

Click here to pre-order the Infinix Zero 3, be the first to having the bragging rights and Infinix ushers you into a world of Zero limitations.

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  1. waiting for the price to be unveil #zero3. please i need your assistance _i bought an un working flash drive from your office,how could i make a return of it? this is not my first time shopping in your office,but the flash drive make it a different way

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