Innjoo Fire Launch Party


The InnJoo Fire launch party codenamed Forever 21 was an event which brought fans and tech enthusiasts together to once again see InnJoo defy all odds. By defying all odds, Innjoo have again delivered ”a smartphone with out-gunning features and outstanding performance at an outrageous price” (as stated by an observer present during the launch). InnJoo seem to have in their ranks the secret formula to providing Android At An Affordable Amount and they have proved this once again with the introduction of the InnJoo Fire.

Innjoo Fire Launch– Robert Liang – MD InnJoo enjoying the show

inn3– Some Tech Bloggers in the house: Elroy of Mobility Arena and Kelvin of Android Nigeria

inn4– Charles – Service Centre Manager InnJoo and Jack – Marketing Manager InnJoo

Innjoo Fire Launch– For your eyes only – Sneak peak of the InnJoo Fire package

inn8– Taslim of JustNaira Tech blog, one of the first people to get his hands on the yet to be released InnJoo Fire

Innjoo Fire Launch– Save the date! Jumia Mobile Week Megathon – 1st to 7th of June

inn6– Yemi, PR/Marketing Jumia and Jack, Marketing Manager InnJoo

In what was a double celebration (InnJoo’s 1st year anniversary celebration and infact a celebration of great value with the addition of their their latest flagship) guests revelled in the reception provided by the good people of InnJoo and the coziness afforded by the night time open air ambiance of the Trinity Mall in Ikeja. Attendees were not only fed with delectable and mouth watching dishes, they were also also fed to the brim with information by Robert Liang – MD InnJoo on Innjoo’s impressive success story and their plans for the future. Here is a summary of what was learnt:

– According to Robert Liang, the first meeting between InnJoo and Jumia was one in which Jumia was only willing to take a calculated risk in terms of acquiring stock. The result after Jumia shared in the InnJoo vision? 10,000 units of the InnJoo i1s phone selling out in just about 10 days.

– In one year between May 2014 and May 2015, InnJoo have sold 1.2 million phone units in just four markets.

– InnJoo launched on Jumia in July 2014 and has had a success story which has so far been devoid of any anticlimax. Success and growth has been upwards and onwards since Day 1 of its launch on Jumia, thanks to Jumias industry topping service delivery and unrivalled customer satisfaction.

– The InnJoo One which first went through a preorder phase on Jumia proved beyond doubt the all round trust between the loving customers, Jumia and InnJoo as a great number of customers were willing to prepay to get their hands first on the prized possession in anticipation of its arrival.

– June 1st will be InnJoo Day during the Jumia Mobile Week Megathon and even bigger record numbers are expected on the day. Everybody had better mark the date.

– The InnJoo Fire gets its name from the fact that it is the one phone model which is going to ignite the mobile smartphone scene in Nigeria. It is for both the young and young at heart and promises the best experience to the user at a pocket friendly price.

Specifications of the InnJoo Fire

Screen: 5 inches

Processor: Quad core

Ram: 2gig

Memory: 16gig inbuilt

Camera: 5MP front | 5MP back

Sim capabilities: Dual Sim

Operating System: Android 4.4 KitKat

12 thoughts on “Innjoo Fire Launch Party”

  1. What could be the price range of the phone. I want to place an order.

    1. Hi Bello, it will be below N20,000. Sign up to be the first to discover once it is available.

  2. The party was great, I love it and innjoo is a great phone too, thanks to the manufacturer

  3. I like jumia services, how much is d cost of this phone, can u deliver to ur costomer in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.

    1. Hi there, the phone will sell for less than N20,000. Be sure to check back on Monday the 1st of June as the Innjoo Fire will be available for sale on the day. Thank you.

  4. how would i order for the innjoo note on monday? Haven’t bought anything online in ma life

    1. Hi Adebayo, thank you for your interest in To place an order, kindly click on the link to find out the step by step process. You may also contact us on 07006000000 for assistance to place an order or for advice shoulf you encounter any challenges. Thank you.

    1. Hi Tonya, Jumia offers cash on delivery in all major cities in Nigeria. Depending on your location in Nigeria you surely can place your order and pay on delivery. Thank you.

    1. Hi Tonya, we make deliveries to Ile-ife and all other parts of Nigeria. You howver will be required to make payment online with your ATM, paga or bank deposit. Thank you.

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