Here is Why You Should Buy – The InnJoo Fire


Following the success of the InnJoo One which was launched in February, InnJoo has come back with a new smartphone which is set to ignite the Nigerian mobile market  — the InnJoo Fire. As a new range of InnJoo product line, Fire offers exceptional value for its affordable price, and blows all other budget handsets out of the water. With just the right size of 5 inches, 2GB RAM and a wide range of textures, Fire has plenty of usable features and good camera to ignite the passion of the new generation. Here is why you should buy the Innjoo Fire:

The InnJoo Fire Was Manufactured With You In Mind

After months of studying, InnJoo knows that a premium quality product with a competitive price and unsurpassed user experience is the key to satisfy the demand of end users. “We are learning from the market, InnJoo considers what consumer wants.” Robert Liang said, InnJoo’s Managing Director.

innjoo fire mobile phone on jumia blog



The InnJoo Fire Was Designed With You In Mind 

The InnJoo Fire is a joy to both hold and behold with its slightly curved corners.  It comes with a 5 inch IPS display with an auto-adjusting brightness feature; hence your phone knows when to get bright when its in sunlight and when to get dull when the battery is low. The slim body with fiber drawing craft frame gives the design elegance, balance and strength. Every detail has been created to improve your user experience.




There is an InnJoo Fire To Meet Your Taste

The back cover of the InnJoo Fire is specially designed with four textured colors – Classic Black, Elegant White, Luxury Gold and Natural Bamboo Yellow to meet your taste and preference. It also adopts the superior material of Ply Carbonate to help you protect your smart device and show off your passion at the same time.




The InnJoo Fire Is Powered To Please 

With a built-in Quad-core processor, the InnJoo Fire is ever ready to handle daily applications and intense gaming during your free time. While you can enjoy a faster performance the 2GB RAM offering you, the 16GB flash memory also enables you to store more photos, music and games. It also spots a 2500mAh battery which can afford up to 176 hours standby and a full day of normal use! While it also supports dual-SIM capability, the Fire allows you to easily have two lines active on your phone.




The Innjoo Fire Will Fulfil Your Selfie Needs

Taking the ever growing selfie requirements in consideration, Fire’s equipped 5MP front camera with beauty mode and 5MP rear camera for high image quality in HDR, panorama and more, the InnJoo Fire does not fail to flatter!

innjoo fire mobile phone on jumia blog




The InnJoo Fire will be exclusively available on the first day of June during the Jumia Mobile Week Megathon. Click here to be the first to get it! Do not forget that you will also get free 3GB of Data, free Whatsapp for 6 months and free music steaming for 1 month for every phone brought during the Jumia Mobile Week Megathon.

80 thoughts on “Here is Why You Should Buy – The InnJoo Fire”

  1. Does it support external memory and what’s d price 4 dis superb smartphone?. Cos wld luv 2 get ma hands on dis phone.

    1. Hi Njoku, yes it does support external storage and the price of the smartphone will be revealed during the mobile week. Thank you.

  2. This phone is tempting, but i got my eyes on Tecno R7 and Infinix Hot Note hope it will be available?

    1. Hi Gerald, the Tecno R7 and he Infinix Hot Note will both be available during the Jumia Mobile Week Megathon. Thank you.

  3. Please how can i know the price right now because i can’t walt ooooo I love it

    1. Hi Adeduro, we have less than four days till the prize will be revealed 🙂 I can assure you at this point that it will be less than N20,000.

  4. Im patiently waiting for June 1st but really want to have a full specification of this Injoo Fire especially the supported sensors.

  5. I hope the sound quality is improved in the Innjoo Fire. I think Innjoo One is best for sound but I need an improved sound quality on this one cos I am buying.

    1. Hi Praiz, both phones have very similar features. If you prioritize on design and value then the InnJoo One is your guy. If you prefer a large screen and cant do without your radio then your escape can be the Tecno R7.

    1. Hi Timi, it is maade with Dragontrail Glass which people argue is much stronger than Corning Gorilla glass

  6. wow, thanks a lot. I am using Infinix hot, and I dislike the screen so much

    1. Hi Ugbo, unfortunately the white color is not available. However the gold variation which has a dominant white touch is readily available for purchase. Thank you.

  7. Hi..i want to know if its support otg..cuz dats wat is most important to me..thanks

  8. pls is it HD 10@30,nd infinix hot nd innjoo fire which is beta in terms of display

    1. Hi Enfiz, the InnJoo Fire has a display of 960/540 QHD IPS while the Infinix Hot has a display of 480/854 pixels and 196 pixels per inch.

  9. hi mr kuti, today is the 2nd of june pls can u tell me how much is d price for this innjoo fire i really need to get it.

  10. babaoooo
    yes o I ordered mine yesterday with a power bank inclusive
    am still waiting go the delivery thou
    am actually waiting outside my office

  11. Hy, can i order an injoo fire any day within the phone sale week??

    1. Hi Martha, yes you can order the InnJoo Fire at N17,700 anytime within the Mobile Week. Thank you.

  12. Please does the Injoo fire have case or something similar for protection ?

  13. got mine already
    slim sleek
    awesome front camere
    amaizing inbuilt memory 16gig 12 available
    nice baterry 25000Mah
    no hotspot tethering .that’s my biggest hand falling
    am disappointed.

  14. i just ordered mine today still waiting for delivery,just cant wait!!!

  15. I want to place an order for one. how do I get it. call me on 0727359644

    1. Hi there, it takes within 1 – 6 days if you reside in Lagos and 3 – 8 days if you reside outside of Lagos! Thank you.

    1. Hi Seun, the InnJoo does support hotspot to share the internet connection. Thank you.

  16. i hear it operates a non removable battery…..if true…den hw an sure it ll last?

  17. my innjoo fire doesn’t charge up to 100%,it gets to 95% and starts discharging, y? what could be wrong?

    1. Hi there, we are sorry to hear about this. Kindly contact us on 07006000000 to schedule a return so that it can be looked into or visit the InnJoo home at 2nd Floor, Trinity Mall, 79 Awolowo Way, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria for a resolution. Thank you.

  18. Does dis fone have radio hotspot tettering n does it come with a power bank

    1. Hi Emanuel, it has radio and hotspot buy does not come with a powerbank. Thank you.

  19. pls btw tecno h6, infinix hot and innjoo fire, which screen is brighter and sharper?

  20. my innjoo fire doesn’t charge up to 100%,it gets
    to 95% and starts discharging, y? what could be

    1. Hi Adesanya, we are sorry to hear about this. Kindly contact us on 07006000000 to schedule a return so that it can be looked into or visit the InnJoo home at 2nd Floor, Trinity Mall, 79 Awolowo Way, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria for a resolution. Thank you.

  21. hello. is it that the innjo fire does not have a radio? is the infinix zero 2 out & what is the price? which among the innjo fire, infinix hot note pro and infinix zero 2 will you recommend? thanks.

    1. Hi Wale, the InnJoo Fire has radio. The Infinix Zero 2 is out and it sells for N35,900. My recommendations will best be based on your priorities.

  22. My innjoo fire charges slowly and doesn’t charge full,gets to 93% and start discharging even when still can this be solved? and only sim 1 support 3g…these are my only issues so far.. innjoo do something!!!

    1. Hi there, kindly contact our customer help line on 07006000000 for a speedy resolution. Thank you.

  23. All these complaints about the phone not charging up to 100%, please kindly send this to Innjoo and they should release an update immediately as regards this.

  24. Plese yemi,if I get the one jumia is offerin which is mtn can I still use my airtel sim in it,does it support another sim

    1. Hi Chisom, yes please. The phones sold on Jumia are not locked to MTN sim cards. You can use whichever sim you desire. However the MTN sim card comes with 3gig data instantly, 6 months free whatsapp and one month free music streaming.

  25. does the innjoo fire has flash share and do one have to activate the 3gig before one can use it

    1. Hi Chandra, Flash Share is an application in which you can download to your InnJoo Fire. You do not have to activate the 3gig data before you can use the InnJoo Fire or the Flash Share application. Thank you.

  26. Pls were can I get injoo fire around aba? And am scared of the complainat about hotspot and battery

    1. Hi Kelly, once you place your order for the InnJoo Fire on Jumia, it will be processed and delivered to your location in Aba within 3 – 8 days. At Jumia, we offer a free return system whereby you can return a purchased item for a new one within a 2 week window at the event of any fault. Thank you.

      1. Does jumia service extend to plateau state cos I would like to place an order.

        1. Hi there, the Jumia service extends to Plateau as well as all over the country. Kindly place your order and it will be processed and delivered to your location within 3 – 8 days. Thank you.

  27. Besides ordering, which of your nearest stores in Ikeja can one get the innjoo fire to buy?

    1. Hi Folusho, Jumia is an online retail store and as such we do not operate physical stores. Kindly visit our website to place your order and it will be processed and delivered to your location anywhere in Nigeria. Thank you.

  28. Pls where can we locate jumia in Ghana? And pls does innjoo have an anti scratch screen?

  29. Does the cost of the innjoo fire (N17,700)not cover the case & screen protector, or will it be at an additional cost?

  30. pls does it have 3g on both sims? and what abt double tapping to on the screen?, multitouch? hand waving to recieves calls, and all those features on tecno l6, and is it upgradeable to lollipop?,

  31. my innjoo fire is only two weeks old. it doesn’t charge up to 100%, it’s earphones don’t work and worst of all the screen is loosing sensitivity at times I can’t even pick my calls. this is really devastating.

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