7 Wonder Women; Celebrating the Empowered Woman (2nd Edition)


If you have been following our post on the empowered woman in celebration of the International Women’s Day themed ‘Make it Happen’, then you are tracking! Our first edition was about one of the 7 women and today we will feature our woman No 2; Meet Fatoumata Ba, Managing Director of Jumia Nigeria.

  1. Tell us what you currently do and how you make a difference in this position

I bring passion and energy to my role to help drive Jumia’s growth and this radiates to everyone I work with. I lead with a keen attention to detail and empathy, which means I constantly aim for win-win opportunities.

  1. What’s your biggest challenge when trying to balancing work and life generally?

Disconnecting from work at night and weekends. As a company leader, the responsibilities don’t have an on-off switch!

  1. Make it happen! What are those products you cannot do without in your daily life (gadgets,home appliances, health and beauty products, exercise equipment)

jumia app, blender – binatone for smoothie, babyliss foldable hooded dryer  or huetiful portable steamer for at-home care of my natural kinky hair

  1. What are your hobbies and what books inspire you?

Music and dancing. Book – Leaning In Sheryl Sandberg guy kawasaki – art of the start

  1. How do you relax and unwind? What do you use to relax?


  1. What are 5 key items in your purse?

iphone 6 – I use it as my alarm clock, easily contact family and friends, etc.
Data and roaming capabilities Mac ruby woo or viva glam 1
notebook and a pen – I have tons of ideas and it also helps me review and prioritize my constantly changing to-do list

  1. A few word of inspiration to every woman out there..

Be confident, go grab the opportunities. Don’t be limited – I did not have a classical path but that hasnt stopped me from rising to C-level in my career. Work smart and everything is possible.

This article was edited by Aisha Aburime