Introducing Jumia Bot – Your Very Own Shopping Buddy!


Imagine getting immediate response every time you slide in our DM! A conversation with someone who’s witty, fun and super helpful! Here’s the thing, we want to serve you better. This propels/drives us to constantly seek out best practices and innovation to make your shopping experience one that you’d enjoy and always look forward to.

You’re probably wondering, what is Jumia Bot?

Jumia Bot (JB) is a chatbot that communicates with you like a friend. Think of it as a shopping buddy. An insider that understands you.

JB has been designed to make shopping more comfortable and natural. It helps you search for products seamlessly. Say you want to order a pair of men’s shoes, book a hotel in Abuja or order from your favourite restaurant, just tell JB and it’d take it from there! Just like that! You click on the product and complete the purchase. It’s customer service like you’ve never seen it before!




Jumia Bot will make shopping even more convenient because it responds to you immediately. It will be live 24/7.

Now, here’s one of the best parts. JB is constantly getting to you better like it is in every great friendship. So, every misunderstanding makes your relationship better. JB evolves with use, thanks to our esteemed customers!

With Jumia Bot you can access the best of Jumia Mall, Jumia Food and Jumia Travel.

Be the first test the beta version. Try it now!

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