Meet one of our JForce Consultant – Oladimeji Suara


My name is Oladimeji, I am a Jumia Sales Consultant from the South-East region, Nigeria.

I joined JForce during the last quarter of the year 2014, just to try it out.

I really didn’t know if it was going to work out but I believe in trying any new business opportunity. The JForce has proven itself to be a program aiming at empowering and enriching the next would-be entrepreneurs

Most of us, no matter what profession we are in, are gravely concerned about failure and do everything to avoid it. We forget that failure comes to teach us some priceless lessons and is the foundation on which we build a meaningful and successful life. This failure has literally been my driving force since I registered as a sales consultant with JForce and it has helped me to move from the probationary to the Gold level in JForce and still climbing.

I got to hear about JForce through a Jumia dispatch rider who advised me to join as he saw I was already shopping for many of my friends online.

Jumia JForce is a program designed to empower and enrich entrepreneurs through online shopping (E-Commerce).

My first official order(s) in the program was placed for my senior colleague and it was the only order I placed for the whole month; quite discouraging huh?

But I was not discouraged: after all, I started this business with virtually nothing so I stayed focused. I ensured that I do this business wholeheartedly because it is what I love to do and I believe it will help my clients especially those with little or no experience and expertise in using computer/internet.

The most interesting thing is that JForce has given me the opportunity to become a friend of many interesting, hardworking and intelligent people I might not have known otherwise.

My supervisor is a good example: she is young, smart and intelligent. This lady is awesome, very supportive!

As a JForce member, the earlier you realize that sales are the main bottom line; the better. However, don’t think having a pre-knowledge of sales or marketing is the key to be successful in this business.

The Jforce page on Jumia states the requirements are: some experience in sales and being passionate about entrepreneurship. I disagree with the former but agree totally with the later, apology to JForce for that!

What you need is passion and the desire to be your own boss; this is the drive that is capable of taking you to the next level, becoming a pro sales agent in this program. Never lose your focus and make sure you are making the most of every opportunity. Help your clients find solutions to their problems and be quick about it. I assure you, the best support comes from your supervisor (hint: Clinch to him or her and follow his/her guidelines) and your fellow JForce members

Your success, JForce mission

Oladimeji Suara

Warri, Delta State.

12 thoughts on “Meet one of our JForce Consultant – Oladimeji Suara”

  1. @Yemisi: I appreciate your tiredness supports and encouragement. Thanks very much

  2. My man, just keep delivering the good services. You’re already a good ambassador of Jumia in Warri here. One love!

  3. I’m pleased to have come in contact with jumia through Oladimeji. The three iterms i have purchased so far are perfect. As for the phones, they came with memory cards untouched, am happy jumia. My advice is that jumia should keep it up.

  4. The man, wey don make am. No wahala, just keep the good job and remain honest.

  5. My boss, thank God for you for this wonderful opportunity. The top loader washing machine bought from Jumia through has been a blessing to the family. Everybody at home loves it and we hope to patronize Jumia more. God bless sir!

  6. e-commerce is one of the best thing that has happened to Nigeria especially at this period where unemployment is on the increase in the country. Oladimeji, you make me proud. Thanks!

  7. My Oga I dey loyal to your government. The Jumia has been blessing to us. Quality products, good delivery timing! You people should keep up the good work.

  8. Jumia is simply the best online shopping mall in Nigeria today. I’m happy to be a customer.

  9. Pls I nid u to help with any mobile number which I can use to get in touch with any of ur dispatch rider.Placed an order sometime last week and now my Sim is bad dt I can’t use it….expecting a prompt response from u,thank u

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